The 3 home improvement events I’ll be attending this year

The best way to learn on some of the latest home improvement techniques, I always make sure that a take part in some of the home improvement events and seminars. During these seminars I get a chance to learn from some of the best individuals in the business. It is great way of learning a lot in a short period of time.

The fact that you get the chance to meet with other people who share a passion in construction allows you to share ideas. This year, there are several events and several seminars all over the world. Some of the main events that I will attend this year are;

Burlington Garden Center


Having a passion in gardening, this is one of the main events that I will attend this year. They mainly have three events in April that deal with gardening. During the event there will be several open workshops and seminars that talk about lawn management. The best part about the venue is that it is usually open all year round but mainly holds events each April. You can get more information on this by visiting

MediaMax events


Being one of the oldest home improvement events in the world, it has been able to hold 100 events since 1979. The best part about the event is the fact that they address several areas of home improvements. Many home improvement fanatics tend to attend this event mainly due to its fame and size. By having home and design expos, one can be able to learn a lot from the event. MediaMax holds several events all year round mainly in April and order to learn more about the event visit

Lynden Sculpture Garden


Mainly known for variety, they have over 50 garden sculptures to take a look at. With the event one will be able to attend several classes and tours across parks to take a look at some other sculptures. This is a really fun event and one gets to travel as well. These are just some of the main events that I will be attending this year.

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