As you may probably know I really love traveling. Due to this I wanted to try out something different and fun. This is why I decided to go on an interrail. This was one of my best travel experiences so far. The interrail involved travelling around Europe stopping at some of the major and most mentioned towns in the region.


Starting my tour at Amsterdam, I got a chance to explore some of the famous canals in the region. One of the things that captivated me about the region was the amazing cafes.  While at Amsterdam, Belgium is just three hours away by train. I took a detour to Bruges and got a chance to spend time at the amazing museums and climbed the Belfort tower. Though I had to cut the trip short so as to go to Paris, it was really amazing spending time in the area.


While in Paris, the city of love, at first got confused on where to tour first, mainly due to the several attraction points. I had to extend my stay in the area so as to fully enjoy Paris. From Paris, my next stop was Switzerland. Going by train, my first visit in the region was Chur which is actually one of the oldest towns.

Spending time to visit the banks of Rhine I went on with my journey to Italy. It took me around 7 hours from Switzerland to Milan. The wait was worthwhile since once I alighted at Milan, the Italian fashion was mind taking.

I took time to visit the Alpines and spent some time with fellow tourist. The trip took me around 3 weeks but it is one of the best travel experiences I have ever had.