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Having a Gorgeous Garage

There are a lot of different kinds of things you will want to take into mind of when it comes down to having a garage, because this is just as important as any other room in your home. So do not forget about it or ignore it.

Usually, a garage will have a dull concrete floor that is probably stained from the years of people walking on it and from cars parking on it. However, if you are interested in improving your garage, then there are a lot of methods you could use, as a matter of fact. So if you want to open the door to a beautiful garage, then you should consider epoxy coatings which can bring your garage floor back to life as well as make it easier to maintain.

You Will Need Tools

When you are planning on bringing back your garage from the dead then you will need to have an quikrete epoxy garage floor coating kit, and this will also include a DVD showing you what to do. This kit will help protect your garage floor against a wide range of different kinds of things such as scuffs, oil, gasoline, tires, and from general wear and tear as well. In order to apply the coating to your floor you will need some tools such as a solvent resistant brush, a roller tray, a 3/8” roller that has an extension, push broom, garden hose, plastic watering can, stiff bristle brush, and that is all.

How to Coat your Garage Floor

1. The most important thing to consider when you are coating your garage floor is the preparation. So use your b room to make sure you sweep away all of the dust and other kinds of dirt.

2. The second step is to make the surface of the floor wet then add a bond-lok concrete in a watering can along with 3 quarts of water, this is used to degrease, etch, and clean, the garage floor in one motion.

3. Make sure you cover the entire floor with this solution. You can also use a bristle brush to help spread around the cleaner and remove stains.

4. Once you applied the solution, you will need to rinse away the remaining dirt using a garden hose.

5. Wait for the garage floor to dry; this should be around 4 hours.

6. Combine the two different parts of the epoxy and then let it sit for about 30 minutes before you use it.

7. You will then need to apply the epoxy using even strokes on the garage floor.

8. If you want to add some color flakes, then you will need to sprinkle it lightly on the floor.

9. Then let the epoxy dry for a couple days before you park a car in there, and that is the basics on opening the door to a beautiful garage.

How to Convert Your Basement into a Spacious Room

To have an additional room for your home, you can simply utilize to get your basement remodeled into a livable space. If time will come that you would want to sell your home, you will not have any problems with adding value to it once you have improved your basement to become a useful extra room.

Below are a few of the ideas you must consider if you want to maximize the use of your basement:

> Convert your basement into a recreation room

This is quite a popular idea already, but incase you might need to know, more people would make a recreational room out of their basement. You can either build the space to be flexible for all use, or it can be built to fit as an adult escape place, or a playroom for your kids and even a comfy home theater. You can bring in various recreational stuff in there such as a pool table, or maybe install a large television with a home theatre system and have a bar setup. Purchase a couch that would fit in for a cozy stay. Since recreational activities would require more cleaning of the area, pick a flooring choice that’s easy to clean. Concrete flooring would be an excellent choice, ones that you can easily mop and get throw rugs used for cleaning.

> Make a home office out of your basement

Many people today bring their work stuff home, or many are already working from their home. The basement then would be one best part of your place where your home office can be setup. Whether you would need a bigger or a smaller space, the basement would surely be most suitable for that. You would surely agree that the basement is the most peaceful or quiet part of your home, and that is one of the very reason you can pick it as a home office where you want to be more productive with less distractions. A home office would require soft lighting to get you more awake and active. The best lighting options are made available in the market today, but just make sure you will not pick any clinical fluorescent lighting.

> Add a bedroom to your house out of your basement

Another great way to make use of your basement is to add a bedroom or two for your home. If your living room got no closet, you can simply have one built by exploring creative ways to utilize every corner of the room while you make sure that a bed and some stuff would still fit in.

All of these would depend on the shape and the size of your basement. So if it’s a smaller one, then a bedroom can be made out of it. A bed with drawers is most suitable to save up space while you make use of the walls to add shelves and hanging cabinets. A large basement can be made into two rooms, but if you want a bigger room to stuff in more furniture and receiving area, then that would still be great.

> Basements can be perfect living rooms

A family room area for your home or a living room is something interesting. It’s where you can relax with your family or some friends. While everyone has their individual rooms in the house, a common room used for family bonding with a cool sofa set or couches is lovely. Not to forget, a TV can be mounted the wall for a good family movie marathon.

> Basements can be turned into a guest room or an efficiency apartment

Converting your basement into an efficiency apartment is again an excellent idea. If you do not have one yet in your place, then the basement as it is a separate space can be an added living space. This place can be a guest room for visitors or can be rented, but that’s not the only point we are up for. This place can also add value to your home if you are going to sell it in the future.

Every home improvement project is exciting, and converting your basement to such of the above options should considered well. It does not only add value to your home too, but having extra spaces would give you more chances of bonding with your friends and family, or have a welcoming home once visitors come to stay for a while. You may think of many other ways to convert your basement, and that would depend on your creativity.

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Adding Some Sparkle: Epoxy Flooring and Glitter

A lot of homes, retail spaces, restaurants, and also offices are looking for new kinds of flooring options that are easy to maintain and looks beautiful. This can be achieved with epoxy flooring with glitter, which can make a beautiful yet subtle appearance. So when you are using this kind of epoxy it is common for glitter to be added in a color of your choice. The glitter is not obnoxious and not obvious, but it will have a subtle twinkle in certain lighting. This can really make your floors look truly beautiful and unique.

Just like any concrete floor coating, preparation is the key. The first thing you will need to do is add glitter and gently swirl it into the colored epoxy. You do not need much glitter, maybe three pinches or so will be a good amount of glitter depending on the amount of surface you plan on coating. There is a wide range of different types of colors available as well like, copper, green, blue, red, and also golf and silver which is quite popular. The best part about epoxy coating and glitter is that you can combine, fuse, and mix any kind of colors you want, in order to make something truly unique as well as gorgeous.

You can also get slate, tile, and also granite looking epoxy. You can place stripes, logos, and just about anything you want to your concrete flooring, and this kind of epoxy is common for food processing plants, basements, garages, and also restaurants as well. There are different options for finishes as well, you can get satin, flat, and also gloss.

When you are applying the epoxy coating to your floor, there will be no kinds of seams. This is a good thing because it will form a membrane that will seal the floor. This seal will protect the floor from a wide range of different contaminants, such as mildew and mold.

There are many manufacturers that make this glitter epoxy but one of the best is Durall Industrial Flooring from Minneapolis, and they also make over 500 different kinds of cleaners as well. This company provides a number of different kits that can be used in order to get the look you want on your flooring, and they also come with excellent concrete flooring coating. So if you want to improve your floors look, then you cannot go wrong when it comes down to using epoxy floor coating with glitter for that unique look.

The Trends In Bathroom

The average rate of bathroom visitation that each individual does per day is about six to eight times, and if we are going to compute that on a yearly basis it will count up to 2500 times annually. More or less, you are spending at least three years of your life in the bathroom. And if we are going to consider the average time a person spends in taking a bath, considering that the society we live in is hygienically conscious, we might be needing to add a couple more years to that number nonetheless. Try to think about every particular activity that you do in the bathroom as well, from getting ready to go out for work, to bathing your kids. That’s a considerable amount of time that we spend in the bathroom. No wonder why bathroom remodeling trends have been considerably going through a lot of changes and innovations faster than any water going down the drain.

The bathroom has indeed become one of the proper rooms in the house and can be considered of the same importance as the bedroom itself. Today, bathroom remodeling has indeed become a process that needs more involvement as it is a project that needs to take into consideration not only the varying needs of the people that uses it, but as well as the elements of design that can be incorporated in it.

The following are the most considerable trends in bathroom designs according to Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters that you could as well avail for your bathroom, with just a little planning.

Increase In Size
Bathrooms nowadays are gradually increasing in size unlike before. People do everything to extend the amount of space of their bathrooms including knock down walls, giving it more value compared to the traditional bathroom that only have a small closet space where one could enter sideways, only to exit as quickly as one possibly can. People having older houses are knocking down walls just to make more room for their bathrooms, and those that are planning to build a new one are considering giving their bathrooms a much larger space.

Fancy Appliances Are Installed:
More room means more space to explore. People having a larger bathroom area are making the most out of it and this resulted in a surge for high-end bathroom appliances. The modern bathroom not only holds more space for these types of appliances but the appliances itself are getting more accessible and affordable to everyone which gives rise to reasons for people to view them as a necessity and not as a luxury. These appliances includes, but is not limited to bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinetry, whirlpools, jet and steam showers and Jacuzzi.

Limitless Designs:
There are virtually limitless options when it comes to bathroom remodeling. One main reason for this is because people are now perceiving bathrooms to be a more stylish and aesthetic area of the home, and people are more than willing to make them just that. Aside from that, a lot of new bathroom materials such as bathroom furniture and paints, water resistant and hardwood bathroom flooring, lighting options and bathroom hardware, including cabinetry that is specially made for the bathroom have already made their way into the global market. Even if most people choose the traditional white and porcelain sinks in their bathroom, a lot of available options are now out on the market including stainless steel and ceramic bowls as well as colored glass bowls. The choices are widely span with all the available bathroom vanity designs which is not only limited to the antique ones but has been extended up to the ultra contemporary designs. Various flooring options and designs could also provide a lot of transformations to your bathrooms. Aside from that, there is also a growing trend of not only color additions but as well as mixing of materials to be used in bathroom designs.

Easily Done:
Unlike before, bathroom remodeling is now an easy job to do. Now, there are already tools available online that you can use in order to establish a more stylish bathroom design with a detailed palette. Aside from that, bathroom remodeling companies are practically easy to come by nowadays, and these companies will be able to provide you with free estimates when it comes to bathroom remodeling so as to assist you in figuring out an effective and efficient way of transforming your bathroom space.

The evolution of the bathroom from being just a necessity to a room of regeneration and retreat has indeed come a long way. The modern bathroom designs have really grown to be not only comfortable and elaborate, but aesthetic and artistic as well.

The 3 home improvement events I’ll be attending this year

The best way to learn on some of the latest home improvement techniques, I always make sure that a take part in some of the home improvement events and seminars. During these seminars I get a chance to learn from some of the best individuals in the business. It is great way of learning a lot in a short period of time.

The fact that you get the chance to meet with other people who share a passion in construction allows you to share ideas. This year, there are several events and several seminars all over the world. Some of the main events that I will attend this year are;

Burlington Garden Center


Having a passion in gardening, this is one of the main events that I will attend this year. They mainly have three events in April that deal with gardening. During the event there will be several open workshops and seminars that talk about lawn management. The best part about the venue is that it is usually open all year round but mainly holds events each April. You can get more information on this by visiting

MediaMax events


Being one of the oldest home improvement events in the world, it has been able to hold 100 events since 1979. The best part about the event is the fact that they address several areas of home improvements. Many home improvement fanatics tend to attend this event mainly due to its fame and size. By having home and design expos, one can be able to learn a lot from the event. MediaMax holds several events all year round mainly in April and order to learn more about the event visit

Lynden Sculpture Garden


Mainly known for variety, they have over 50 garden sculptures to take a look at. With the event one will be able to attend several classes and tours across parks to take a look at some other sculptures. This is a really fun event and one gets to travel as well. These are just some of the main events that I will be attending this year.