Adding Some Sparkle: Epoxy Flooring and Glitter

A lot of homes, retail spaces, restaurants, and also offices are looking for new kinds of flooring options that are easy to maintain and looks beautiful. This can be achieved with epoxy flooring with glitter, which can make a beautiful yet subtle appearance. So when you are using this kind of epoxy it is common for glitter to be added in a color of your choice. The glitter is not obnoxious and not obvious, but it will have a subtle twinkle in certain lighting. This can really make your floors look truly beautiful and unique.

Just like any concrete floor coating, preparation is the key. The first thing you will need to do is add glitter and gently swirl it into the colored epoxy. You do not need much glitter, maybe three pinches or so will be a good amount of glitter depending on the amount of surface you plan on coating. There is a wide range of different types of colors available as well like, copper, green, blue, red, and also golf and silver which is quite popular. The best part about epoxy coating and glitter is that you can combine, fuse, and mix any kind of colors you want, in order to make something truly unique as well as gorgeous.

You can also get slate, tile, and also granite looking epoxy. You can place stripes, logos, and just about anything you want to your concrete flooring, and this kind of epoxy is common for food processing plants, basements, garages, and also restaurants as well. There are different options for finishes as well, you can get satin, flat, and also gloss.

When you are applying the epoxy coating to your floor, there will be no kinds of seams. This is a good thing because it will form a membrane that will seal the floor. This seal will protect the floor from a wide range of different contaminants, such as mildew and mold.

There are many manufacturers that make this glitter epoxy but one of the best is Durall Industrial Flooring from Minneapolis, and they also make over 500 different kinds of cleaners as well. This company provides a number of different kits that can be used in order to get the look you want on your flooring, and they also come with excellent concrete flooring coating. So if you want to improve your floors look, then you cannot go wrong when it comes down to using epoxy floor coating with glitter for that unique look.

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