About me

My aim of creating this blog is to share with my readers traveling experiences and home improvement methods.  I am a travel fanatic and I have had the chance to travel to various countries using different methods.

Through my traveling experience, I have an idea on some of the best places to visit and best of all I will be able to provide tips on how to save on your trips.  My blogs are written mainly from personal experience and deep research in all the specific areas.

willApart from taking trips, I am also a DIY fanatic mainly dealing with home improvements. I prefer DIY methods since it is a great way of saving some money and spending time with your family.

In order to ensure that I provide valid information and constantly update my blogs, I ensure that I attend home improvement seminars and events each and every year.

With my blogs you will always be entertained and informed at all times. I value responses and comments from my readers. This is why I encourage all my readers to contact me and tell me what they want and what to clarify on. Apart from this I am available on most of the social media sites to enhance communication.